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GREASE™ exemplifies the principles of biomimicry and bioavailability. Applying the precursors of cannabinoids, independent scientists confirm a direct increase in potency averaging 31.5% THC or CBD. 


GREASE™ is the first of its kind to hit the market. When carving out a new category in the rapidly developing Cannabis industry it takes great care, attention to detail, and active communication. Our intensive focus is grounded in the principles of biomimicry and bioabsorbtion. An innovative expierenced team of specialists with a data driven approach is the recipe for proven results. Members of our team have already launched very sucessful and revolutionary products into the market. The GREASE™ line introduces a new category of next level plant amendments to boost potency. Adding the complientary dimension that it doubles as a safe and affective soil conditioner is the icing on the cake.

Team Grease in the Grease Van, living the dream building everything by themselves



Man has followed in the path of nature since the dawn of existance. Like the mighy tribes of the planes that follow the buffalo, they look to nature for the keys to survival. Following the path of data driven science and standing on the shoulders of giants, we looked at the Cannabis sativa plant from a new dimension. What does the plant need that has not already been maximized to the fullest potential? Growers are providing plants with adequate light, water, fertilizer, root enhancers, biostimulants, bloom enhancers, terpene boosters, and ripining stimulants. Growers are extremely diligent at efficiently providing the necessary building blocks for a successfull harvest. Now that potency testing is so critical in the legal market, owners and head growers across the globe agree, cannabinoid percentage is more important than ever.

Would you believe that we have done it? Finally a new technology that has never been used on plants before. GREASE™ will specifically increase resin and as as a CANNABINOID BOOSTER™. Cannabinoids are one of the most desireable portions of the crop. Cannabinoids are THC or CBD for example, and at the end of the day it is a very good metric to compare strains and phenotypes. Growers are now functionally able to provide the building blocks of cannabinoids(CBD or THC) and target this process like a laser beam. This is an all natural product that has proved to increase potency by 31.5%. All natural, becasue it is completley derived from Cannabis sativa. This is particularly desirable because there has never been a product that is Cannabis derived that is safe to spray and utilize all the way through the growing cycle including flower. The bloom phase is so sensitive and it is a very bad time to be applying horticultural oils from other plants to the buds. These nasty oils can end up curropting the purity of extracts, burn plants and buds, and evey cause systemic issues. Our all natural product is non-certified organic and is actually safe to spray up until harvest.

Results have been rigerously tested by peer-reviewed scientists with a concentration in floriculture at the University level. Rigerous quality control ensures that our product is ALWAYS pesticide free, heavy metal free, and free of residual solvents. You can always feel safe spraying GREASE™, and applying it with fertilizer up until the day of harvest. Also, it runs very well in the water you flush the plants with as it does not contain plant food ingredients. Most people apply it to the resevoir with every feeding. They also spray it one to three times per week. Spraying is shows the quickest response. Plants perk up like they just revieced a compost tea within about 2 hours. The different blends of GREASE can be combined in our Heavy Program and by alternating the different blends even grater results may be achieved. All of the GREASE Labels will work to boost cannabinoids but we have dialed in the recipe even more to help target specifc plant types. Gold is for hybrids, Green is for hemp, Amber is for sativa, Purple is for indica, and Yellow is our finishing formula that is particularly nice during ripeing and flush due to the custom taylored recipe. Again to be clear, all GREASE™ products will show a benefit, the unique labels are targeted spectrums that have shown a clear ability to boost that plant type even more.

All Cannabis growers truly love their plants, many even feed their plants before they feed themselves. Hemp growers love GREASE because it boosts their CBD and the extractors absolutley love them becasue the product is so much more pure without nefarious oils. Medical and recreational Cannabis growers love GREASE because it drived up the medicinal quality of their buds. Not only are they seeing much higher numbers on their potency tests, but strains will repond by producing higher levels of secondary cannabibnoids that add to weight, extraction percentages, and the overall user effect. Quality herb is strong herb so that not so much need be taken at one time. We are growers, we always will be. Our comitment is to constantly innovate and continue to bring revolutionaly products to market that elevate the entire indutry and never comprimise on quality.

The Challenge- Specifically increase THC and/or CBD potency without the use of harsh salts, PGRs, or unnatural hormones. Leave no trace.

The Solution- GREASE™ the first every CANNABINOID BOOSTER™ that will increase potency and is safe to spray anytime because it is completely Cannabis derived.