Application Rate

Basic Instructions for GREASE line 

Grease Nutrient Instructions


How to Brew:

It is recommended to make a 12-24 hour aerated compost tea for plants in the vegetative phase, and make a 24-48 hour aerated compost tea for plants in the boom phase. Use immediately after the recommended interval, at this point dilute at a rate of 1:1 all the way up to 1:50 (For example: a 5 gallon brew is added to another 5 gallons of water all the way up to 250 gallons of water and immediately drenched or sprayed on the plants). You use it immediately because the living organisms that have been awoken are at a peak level and need to be unleashed into their new environment so they can thrive and set up the ideal environment for nutrient exchange with your plants/soil. Any extra- put it out on your favorite plants outside, any tree or even grass will benefit immensely. 

Brew instructions (scale this to however many gallons you are brewing):

5 gallons water

1-2 cups Bison Brew

2-4 TBS unsulfured Molasses

Optional boost: 2 TBS Grease Gold(or any color Label), 2-4 TBS Blue Grease, 2-4 TBS Alfa Grease, 2-3 cups aged wood chips (preferably deciduous softwood or hardwood)

Top Dress or Compost instructions:

Apply 1-2 TBS evenly on top of the soil and scratch into the first 1-2" of soil. Water as you normally do and reapply every 2-3 weeks depending on the size of the plant. Larger plants may require more frequent intervals, and larger doses.  



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