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Bison Extract * Liquid Compost Tea

Bison Extract * Liquid Compost Tea

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Bison compost extract for peak flavor. Bison Extract is naturally derived from bison compost to feed the enzyme factories in your roots and shoots. Enhanced chelation of minerals for rapid growth. Makes a really nice 'instant compost tea' that will make buds swell up.  

    1. Nutrient-Rich Soil Amendment: Compost tea is derived from compost, which is a valuable source of organic matter and nutrients. When the compost is steeped in water and brewed into a liquid extract, the resulting tea becomes a nutrient-rich solution. When applied to the soil, it enriches the soil with essential nutrients, promoting healthy plant growth and development.
    2. Microbial Boost: Compost tea is teeming with beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes. These microorganisms contribute to the overall microbial diversity and activity in the soil. When applied, they help improve soil fertility, nutrient cycling, and organic matter decomposition. The increased microbial activity can also suppress harmful pathogens and diseases in the soil.
    3. Soil Structure and Water Retention: The organic matter present in compost tea improves soil structure by increasing soil aggregation and porosity. This enhances the soil's ability to retain water, reducing water runoff and increasing water availability to plant roots. Improved soil structure also promotes better root penetration and aeration, leading to healthier root development.
    4. Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: The beneficial microorganisms in compost tea help break down organic matter and convert nutrients into plant-available forms. They form symbiotic relationships with plant roots, aiding in nutrient uptake and absorption. This can result in improved nutrient utilization by plants and increased nutrient efficiency.
    5. Disease Suppression: Compost tea can help suppress soil-borne diseases and pathogens. The beneficial microorganisms in the tea compete with harmful organisms for resources and space, reducing the risk of plant infections. Compost tea's disease-suppressive properties can contribute to a healthier growing environment for plants.
    6. Environmental Sustainability: Using compost tea from bison compost aligns with environmentally sustainable gardening practices. It allows for the recycling and reuse of organic waste materials, reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers and chemical inputs. Compost tea promotes a more sustainable and natural approach to plant nutrition and soil health. 

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