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Gold Label * Hybrid

Gold Label * Hybrid

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Hybrid Building Blocks

The Gold Label is the foundation of the GREASE™ line designed specifically to increase potency and terpenes.  Hybrid plants respond to the Gold, elevating stickiness and aromas and presenting their uniqueness. It acts as a soil conditioner and is bioavailable through the roots or via spray. You need to see it and spray it to believe it! "This stuff works" is the sentiment shared by all users. 

Grease Gold Label bridges the gap and harnesses the building blocks of Hybrids resins back on the Hybrid plant itself. All Grease Label products work to increase resin, but when you align the source material with the target crop, the efficiency goes up resulting in the maximum yield of unique and targeted compounds.

Hybrid varieties are created through the intentional breeding of different canna strains, resulting in offspring that possess a combination of the traits from their parent plants. The goal of hybridization is to produce offspring with desirable characteristics such as specific flavors, aromas, canna profiles, growth patterns, and effects.

There are two main types of hybrids: F1 hybrids and polyhybrids.

  1. F1 Hybrids: F1 hybrids, also known as first-generation hybrids, are created by crossing two different strains with distinct characteristics. The resulting offspring exhibit a combination of traits from both parent strains. F1 hybrids are often highly sought after due to their genetic stability and uniformity, as the offspring from the cross tend to display consistent traits.
  2. Polyhybrids: Polyhybrids refer to plants that are the result of multiple generations of hybridization. In polyhybrids, breeders select and cross multiple strains, creating complex genetic lineages with diverse characteristics. Polyhybrids offer a wider range of traits, including variations in flavor, aroma, potency, and growth patterns. These variations can result in a more diverse and unique experience.

Polyhybrids are favored by breeders and growers who seek to develop new and distinct cultivars. By carefully selecting and crossing multiple strains, breeders can create offspring that exhibit a wide array of desirable traits, catering to different preferences and market demands.

This is a beneficial substance to plants. 

Non Food Production Use

A product of any of the following types, intended only to aid the growth of desirable plants, is not a “plant regulator” under section 2(v) of FIFRA, and therefore is not a pesticide: A soil amendment product containing a substance or substances intended for the purpose of improving soil characteristics favorable for plant growth.


Yellow Label Cannabinoid Booster @ Grow With GREASE

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