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OG Grease * Trace Booster

OG Grease * Trace Booster

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Seawater Extract = Flavor

Unique ocean grown trace minerals to maximize aromas. OG Grease contains the most complete trace minerals content from a unique single source. The use of seawater for plant growth has been practiced for centuries.This agricultural technique, known as "seawater irrigation" or "saltwater irrigation," involves using diluted seawater as a natural fertilizer and soil amendment. The practice has shown several benefits, and a similar phenomenon was observed in Sri Lanka after the fields were flooded with ocean water from the tsunami.

    1. Mineral Enrichment: Seawater is rich in minerals and trace elements, including potassium, magnesium, and various micronutrients. When diluted and applied to agricultural fields, these minerals can replenish soil fertility and provide essential nutrients for plant growth. This is especially beneficial for crops grown in soil that may be deficient in certain minerals.
    2. Salt Tolerance: Some plants, particularly certain varieties of rice and salt-tolerant crops, have adapted to grow in saline conditions. By using diluted seawater, these crops can utilize the nutrients present in seawater while tolerating the salinity. This enables farmers in coastal areas to cultivate crops in soil that may otherwise be unsuitable for conventional agriculture.
    3. Pest and Disease Control: Excellent alternative to pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides. Seawater contains natural substances that may help control certain pests and diseases, reducing the need for chemical pesticides and fungicides. This aligns with the principles of sustainable and organic agriculture. Excellent addition to an Integrated Pest Management routine. 
    4. Soil Improvement: Seawater irrigation can help improve soil structure and increase its water-holding capacity. The minerals in seawater can aid in soil aggregation, enhancing soil fertility and moisture retention. This can be particularly advantageous in regions with sandy or infertile soils, where water and nutrient retention are crucial for successful crop growth.

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