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Fermented Canna Laco Serum

Fermented lacto serum made with canna to bring super balance. Cultured with canna for superior plant alignment. Bring supersymmetry to your garden with regular foliar sprays, and root drenches throughout the plant life cycle.

  1. Enhanced Soil Microbiome: LABS is a beneficial culture that can contribute to the diversity and balance of the soil microbiome. It can help suppress harmful pathogens and disease-causing organisms, creating a more favorable environment for the growth of cannabis plants. A healthy soil microbiome can support nutrient cycling, improve soil structure, and increase overall plant resilience.
  2. Improved Nutrient Availability: LABS produces enzymes that can break down organic matter, making nutrients more accessible to plants. By applying LABS to the soil or as a foliar spray, it can help enhance the availability and uptake of essential nutrients for cannabis plants, promoting healthier growth and development.
  3. Indirect Disease Resistance: LABS can stimulate the plant's natural defense mechanisms, enhancing its resistance to diseases and pests. It can help improve the plant's immune response, making it more resilient to various pathogens that can affect cannabis plants. This can reduce the need for chemical pesticides and promote a more sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation approach.
  4. Enhanced Root Development: LABS can produce plant growth-promoting substances, such as auxins and cytokinins, which can stimulate root growth and development. Improved root systems can result in better nutrient absorption, water uptake, and overall plant vigor. This can contribute to stronger and healthier cannabis plants with improved yield potential.
  5. Organic and Sustainable Cultivation: Utilizing LABS aligns with organic and sustainable cultivation practices. It offers a natural and eco-friendly approach to improving plant health and growth without relying on synthetic chemicals or harmful additives. Incorporating LABS into cannabis cultivation can promote soil health, reduce environmental impact, and support a more sustainable growing system.

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